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Our Story

We value and share the experiences together!

Mawe Lodges is a collection of six luxury tented camps and lodges in ideal locations for exploring North Tanzania.

All properties are carefully positioned for proximity to the wildlife herds, making them luxury accommodations amid the wilderness.

They are eco-friendly, sustainable, well-valued, and well-located to offer endless wildlife experiences. 

Mawe Lodges is not just a hotel accommodation; we believe in sharing experiences that leave you with remarkable lifetime memories and, through our business operation, leave a mark on the country, its people, and nature by being a pioneer in sustainable travel practices.

Why Stay With Us?

Our Location

Our properties are well located to ensure that our guest experiences and interaction to nature and wildlife are maximized and always unique.

Our Footprint

We’re committed to sustainable business practices, supporting education, health, conservation, and empowerment in the areas of our establishment that we call home.


Our experiences are well thought out, crafted, and delivered to give our clients the best and the most authentic experience while staying in our beautiful properties in Tanzania.

Good Value

Boutique, luxury, and authenticity created for you without exaggerating the costs; we crafted the best-valued properties not so commonly found in the safari world.

Our Destinations


The dry season from May to March is generally considered the best time to visit Lake Manyara. During this period, the dense, bushy areas are less, making it easier to spot animals. Lake Manyara is well known for its large numbers of birds and its tree-climbing lions


Ngorongoro Crater is likely the only place in northern Tanzania where you can easily see the rare black Rhinos, and the park is one of the world’s natural wonders, which is home to lions, Maasai communities, cheetahs, Wildebeests, and many more.


Karatu is a gateway to the Northern Tanzania safari circuit, excellently positioned on the borders of Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro, and Lake Eyasi. Along with safari in nearby parks, this little town offers fantastic cultural tours, biking and hiking experiences in peaceful Tanzanian rural villages


Lake Eyasi is little known to many people and online resources. This is where the last and only bushmen tribes of Tanzania live. You can join and follow the bushmen hunters, walk by the lake, or meet the African hand crafters known as Datogas. 


Serengeti, known by its name, is one of the places we believe that nature and wildlife experience is unmatched. From the great migration of wildebeests and Zebras, the park’s plain savannah is something you won’t see anywhere in the world. 
The best season to visit is throughout the year.


One of the best places that offer excellent wildlife encounters and experiences throughout the year. Tarangire is not known to many simply because there has not been enough marketing to justice its beauty. The park is home to large groups of elephants, baobab trees, tree-climbing pythons, cheetahs, lions, leopards, and a beautiful Tarangire river.

Our Camps and Lodges

Discover our range of best-value luxury safari lodges and camps in Northern Tanzania.
Well crafted to make your long time dream come true.


Real African Safari Experiences!

You have been thinking of an African safari for a while, perhaps one of the longest dreams you have ever had. Now it’s time to make that dream come true by discovering the most and the best authentic experiences that can be created for you. The opportunities are endless, whether it is safari on foot, on a hot air balloon, living with the local communities, or using our 4×4 safari jeeps.

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