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Authentic safari experiences

You have been thinking of an African safari for a while, perhaps one of the longest dreams you have ever had. Now it’s time to make that dream come true by discovering the most and the best authentic experiences that can be created for you. The opportunities are endless, whether on safari on foot, on a hot air balloon, living with the local communities, or using our 4×4 safari jeeps.

Staying at our lodges is one of the most significant things to do, as safaris are on your doorstep. Most of our lodges and camps are located within the corridor of the animal grazing ground, giving our guests the best first-hand experience of an authentic safari.

Our Experiences

Tarangire, Lake Manyara

Track the big game safari on foot


Seek Out Wildlife With Our professional spotters


Our nocturnal safaris

Tarangire, Serengeti

African safari from the sky

Karatu, Lake Manyara, Mto wa Mbu, Tarangire

Get close with the local people, no better way than exploring their culture

Karatu, Mto Wa Mbu

Experience the country closer on bike through the local villages


Professional photograph or filming trip?

Our Camps and Lodges

We have a range of beautiful lodges and intimate tented camps in Northern Tanzania.

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