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Cultural Interaction

Cultural interaction is a dynamic process that occurs when individuals or groups from different cultures come into contact.

It involves the exchange of ideas, beliefs, practices, and values, leading to a mutual understanding and appreciation of diverse cultural perspectives.

Through cultural interaction, people can broaden their horizons, foster tolerance, and develop a sense of global interconnectedness.

It provides an opportunity to enrich society by synthesizing various cultural elements, ultimately contributing to developing a vibrant and inclusive global community.

Through our existence we have created and tailored several local cultural interaction experiences that we would love to share with you.

How can it be organized?


  • Visit Maasai villages in Mto wa Mbu or Ngorongoro.
  • A day with Hadzabe and Datogas at Lake Eyasi
  • A visit to local villages around our business operations.
  • A visit to local schools that our organization supports.
  • A visit to local organizations that we support.

About FAQs

Maasai culture shares values and traditions that are preserved to date. While on safari, you may see a lot of small Maasai villages known as Bomas located by the side of the road. Visiting one of them is really rewarding as it allows you to learn about their cultures and still continue with your planned activities of the day.

We take our guests to authentic villages most of them we support them through our Dove Foundation community projects. 

Some activities are done for two hours and some can be half day.

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