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Night Game Safari in Tarangire

Night game safaris are among the best activities in Tarangire. The activity allows you to see some active nocturnal animals at night. Most cats, like lions or leopards, have a higher success rate of hunting at night than during the day.

Let’s Go!

Embark on an extraordinary adventure as the sun sets over the vast wilderness of Tarangire National Park. Our Night Game Safari offers a unique opportunity to witness the enchanting world of nocturnal creatures that come alive after dark. Led by our experienced guides, venture into the park’s heart aboard our specially equipped safari vehicles.

As the nocturnal symphony begins, immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the African bush like never before. With dim red lights illuminating the way, we’ll navigate through the savannah, scanning the shadows for elusive predators, graceful herbivores, and the mesmerizing dance of creatures only active under the moon’s gentle glow.

Listen to the distant roars of lions, the haunting calls of hyenas, and the mysterious rustling of nocturnal animals foraging in the underbrush. Our guides, well-versed in the secrets of the night, will share fascinating insights into the behavior and survival strategies of these fascinating creatures.

Tarangire’s nocturnal landscape reveals a new world, providing an intimate encounter with wildlife rarely seen during daylight safaris. Capture the magic with your camera as our guides skillfully spotlight the captivating moments, ensuring you leave with unforgettable memories.

Join us on our Night Game Safari in Tarangire, and let the secrets of the African wilderness unfold before your eyes as you journey into the realm of the wild after dark.

Night game safaris are now possible at Baobab Camp in Tarangire National Park.

Prices for doing a night safari in Tarangire


Night game safari costs;
80USD per person sharing
Exclusive use of a vehicle is 300 USD

The price does not include

  • TANAPA night game permit fee of 50 USD
  • TANAPA entry to Tarangire park¬†

FAQs about night Game safari

Night game drives usually take two hours starts from 9pm until 11pm.

Night game safari is;
80USD per person
Exclusive use of a vehicle is 300 USD

All rates do not include the TANAPA night game permit fee of 50 USD per person.

We have a limited number of seats for night game safari. We would recommend booking this activity ahead of time.

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