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The Untouched Wilderness of Kusini Plains Serengeti

Kusini Plains in Southern Serengeti

The Serengeti National Park in Tanzania is a mosaic of diverse landscapes, each offering its unique wildlife experience. Among these, the Kusini Plains is one of the park’s best-kept secrets. Tucked away in the remote southern part of the Serengeti, the Kusini Plains offers a serene and unspoiled safari experience away from the usual tourist trails. This secluded region, characterized by vast, open grasslands dotted with acacia trees, provides a tranquil backdrop for one of nature’s most spectacular displays.

Where is Kusini Plains in Serengeti?

The Kusini Plains are just a few degrees south of the Serengeti and north of the Maswa Game Reserve. They are bordered to the northeast by the Ndutu Plains near Ngorongoro and Moru to the north. A drive from Seronera to the Kusini Plains takes approximately 3 hours. The Kusini Airstrip operates on a seasonal basis.

Wildlife and the Great Migration

The Kusini Plains are renowned for their role in the annual wildebeest migration. Unlike the dramatic river crossings in the north, the plains host the calving season, usually from late January to March. This period sees the plains come alive with newborn wildebeest, attracting predators and making for some of Africa’s most thrilling wildlife viewing. The abundance of prey during this time turns the Kusini Plains into a hunting ground for lions, cheetahs, and hyenas, offering guests a front-row seat to nature’s raw beauty and drama.

Safari Exclusivity

But the allure of the Kusini Plains extends beyond the migration season. The area’s relative remoteness means that wildlife experiences here are intimate and personal. With fewer vehicles and lodges, visitors can enjoy game drives and walks without the crowds, making encounters with the Serengeti’s inhabitants more profound and memorable. The region boasts rich biodiversity, with diverse species inhabiting its grasslands, woodlands, and kopjes – rocky outcrops dotting the landscape.

Birdwatching in Kusini Serengeti

Birdwatching in the Kusini Plains in Serengeti is also exceptional, with the area home to many bird species, including the kori bustard, the world’s heaviest flying bird, and the colorful lilac-breasted roller. The plains’ varied habitats support a wealth of birdlife, making it a must-visit for ornithologists and bird lovers.

When to Visit Kusini Plains in Serengeti

The best time to visit the Kusini Plains largely depends on what you wish to experience. The early part of the year is ideal for those eager to witness the calving season and its associated predator action. However, the plains are a year-round destination, offering unique seasonal attractions. Post-calving season, the serene area offers contemplative safaris with unparalleled landscape photography and ongoing wildlife viewing.

How to get there

Flights to the Kusini Plains are chartered from Tanzania’s major cities to Serengeti’s Ndutu or Kusini airstrips. By road, you drive through the Ngorongoro Conservation area if you are going from Arusha. The journey by road takes approximately 6 hours.

Let’s Explore Kusini Plains Together

In conclusion, the Kusini Plains represent the Serengeti at its most raw and untouched. Kusini provides a secluded, inspiring experience for travelers with spectacular wildlife and the beauty of Africa’s wilderness. The Kusini Plains offers an unforgettable adventure into an iconic African landscape, perfect for both seasoned safari-goers and first-time visitors.

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