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Dining menu at Gnu Migration Camp

Ever wonder what the food will be like on safari? Join us as we break down the daily menu during your stays with us at all our properties.

Fresh, Local Ingredients

At Mawe Lodges, we take pride in sourcing most of our ingredients locally. From spices and cooking oil to rice, coconut, flour, and vegetables, we ensure that the produce comes directly from local farmers and markets. This farm-to-table approach guarantees fresh, high-quality meals for our guests. For a touch of international flavor, we import a few select items such as olive oil, wine, and pasta.

Typical Daily Menu

Start your day with a buffet or à la carte breakfast featuring cereals, fresh seasonal juice and fruits, bread, pancakes, toast, coffee, tea, and an egg station where you can choose how you like your eggs prepared. And more…

Lunches can be enjoyed either on safari or at our camps and lodges. Here are the options:

  • Traditional Lunch Boxes: Perfect for on-the-go meals during safaris or airport travel. These easy-to-eat boxes contain a salad, a choice of meat or vegetarian options, fruit juice, and an apple.
  • Hamper Lunch: Ideal for bush dining, this option includes a mix of wet and dry foods served with full cutlery. It’s a healthier and more sustainable alternative, reducing packaging waste. The typical hamper menu includes a salad, main course, dessert, fruit, juice, and optional coffee or tea for an afternoon break.
  • Hot Lunch: When you’re at the lodge during lunchtime, enjoy a freshly prepared three-course hot meal served from 12:30 to 14:00.

Dinner at Mawe Lodges is a four-course delight featuring soup, salad, main course, and dessert. Our diverse menu includes Indian, Tanzanian traditional, local cuisine, and European dishes, ensuring a unique dining experience every night.

Special Requests

We strive to cater to all dietary restrictions and preferences. Please inform us in advance of any specific requirements so our chef can accommodate your needs. Given the remote locations of our properties, advance notice helps us provide the best possible dining experience.

Special Meal Settings

From bush weddings and dining under the stars to bush lunches, we offer unique dining experiences when weather and park regulations permit. Feel free to reach out to us with any special requests.

Ready to Taste Our Food on Safari?

We welcome you to enjoy the Tanzanian hospitality at Mawe Lodges and savor our freshly prepared Tanzanian meals while on safari. Our team is excited to share the safari dining experience with you in person.

We look forward to hosting you!

Best regards,
The Mawe Lodges Team

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