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Night Safaris in Tanzania: An Unforgettable Wildlife Adventure

Experience the Wilderness Under the Stars:

Our night safaris in Tarangire are a rare opportunity to witness the nocturnal activities of wildlife in their natural habitat. As dusk falls, the landscape transforms, offering a different perspective of the African bush.

The Journey Begins:

Night safaris start after sunset, usually around 9 PM. Experienced guides and trackers accompany guests. Our custom-made open safari vehicles come with powerful yet non-intrusive spotlights to aid in spotting wildlife.

Wildlife Encounters:

The night safari unveils animals rarely seen during the day, such as nocturnal birds, elephants, bush babies, leopards, hyenas, and possibly lions on the hunt. The sounds of the night – from the roar of lions to the calls of nightjars – add to the thrill.

Safety and Comfort:

Safety is paramount. Our guides are trained in nocturnal wildlife behavior and safety procedures. The vehicles have first aid kits, radios, and emergency supplies. Guests are briefed on safety protocols before the safari. Moreover, the night safaris are very safe and recommended to anyone over 12.

Conservation and Respect for Wildlife:

We adhere to strict guidelines to ensure minimal disturbance to the animals. We use spotlights responsibly and distances to avoid impacting the natural behavior of wildlife.

Duration and Group Size for Night Safaris:

The safari lasts approximately 2 to 3 hours. We maintain small group sizes to ensure a personalized and unobtrusive experience.


  • TANAPA activity fee is 59USD per person per night.
  • Entrance fee to Tarangire is 59USD per person per 24hrs depending on season.
  • Camping / Concession fee is 70.80USD per night.
  • Shared night game drives activity is 94.50USD per person

What to Bring:

Dress warmly, as nights can be cool. We recommend cameras with good low-light capabilities.

Booking and Availability:

Night safaris are available to guests staying at Baobab Camp. We recommend booking in advance as spaces are limited.

A Journey into the Night:

Lastly, embark on an extraordinary adventure with Mawe Lodges’ night safaris. Witness the untold stories of African nature under the starlit sky.

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